Despite wanting to give up many times I managed to complete two adult education courses (BTEC level 1 and City and Guilds Level 3) in photography.  I still have so much to learn – I often take a couple of hundred photos in one session and only get about five good ones! I think that it’s my story of how photography is helping me deal with my mental health problems that make my photos  more meaningful.  Photography has thrown me a real lifeline.

I believe self expression is of fundamental importance and also find writing an outlet.  I’ve had six articles published by Mind and Rethink (leading mental health charities), One in Four Magazine and even an article published in Australia!

I was lucky enough to meet a very inspirational lady called Sarah Eley and she invited me along with two other ladies with BPD to take part in the BorderlineArt exhibition in Nottingham.  Five of my photos were in this exhibition.  Consequently one of my photos was published in an international art therapy journal.  I was also contacted and invited to have two photographs in FILIA – Feminism in London last year.  Ironically I know nothing about Feminism!  I’m having my first solo exhibition at Harbour Lights Cinema, Southampton in March 2014.

I am eternally grateful to my mum, my friends and the medical professionals who have helped me keep going and the unconditional support they have offered me.  I wouldn’t have got this far without the help and support everyone has given me.  Many times I’ve just felt like giving up!! Having a solo exhibition is such a huge achievement for me and I’m so grateful I’ve been given this amazing opportunity.


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